Dairy Vision is an innovative approach to herd management and livestock monitoring

The system continuously monitors the physiological state and reproductive functions of cows

Сomputer vision allows to achieve high measurement accuracy

Our development is able to reduce the influence of the human factor, extend the life of the animal and increase milk yield, which will increase the productivity of the entire farm!
— Smart monitoring for efficient farming
The principle of operation
The system directs the video stream from the cameras to the program in real time
The neural network processes the received material, identifies deviations in animal behavior
Analysis and recommendations are created for timely troubleshooting


Responders are no longer needed!
refuse to use collars without losing the functionality and accuracy of measurements

No risks!
the system does not interact physically with animals, does not cause stress and does not disrupt technological processes

Individual approach!
selection and configuration of equipment for each farm individually and additional training of the neural network for the farmer's requests

Test period!
test our system for free and see its advantages

Use your cameras!
if there are already video cameras on the farm, then we will integrate our software into them, which will significantly save money

Increase your profit!
our system will extend the life of cows by 20-30%, increase milk yields of 3-5 liters per cow and reduce the cost of reproductive processes

Motor activity
Tracking of being in a standing, lying and moving position to monitor the condition of the animal
Distribution of animals
Monitoring of the distribution of animals in the room to eliminate the causes of discomfort in various areas of the cowshed
Recognition of labor phases to provide timely delivery
Sexual hunting
Determination of the presence of an animal in a state of sexual hunting by recognizing the cage and taking into account changes in motor activity
Fatness control
Tracking the fatness of animals to adjust the feeding diet
Control of the animal's gait to detect limb diseases
Comprehensive assessment of livestock by a set of characteristics using cameras to determine its value and further use for reproduction

Our projects

Maxim Maximovich
Project manager

Team Members

Artem Sergeevich
Lead Programmer
Yuri Grigorievich
Scientific consultant
Supported by the University Technology Entrepreneurship Platform


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